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Dry Wipes

QTEK Dry Wipes are made from tough, durable material which is resistant to tearing or disintegration, but which will not scratch or scrape sensitive surfaces.

Bench Clean Wipes
and Spray

• Removes dust, spills, solvents, oils
• Removes industrial contaminants

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of consumables for the electronics and associated industries. QTEK Manufacturing Ltd has its headquarters in Galway, Ireland, and also has manufacturing sites in both Mexico and Hungary. QTEK has established an extensive network of distributors throughout Europe, The Far East, Australia and North America.

QTEK provides a focussed range of quality products, designed to improve manufacturing efficiencies and guarantee product quality. All products in the QTEK range are guaranteed RoHS compliant and 100% lead free.

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. has established competitive advantages in the two core business areas of manufacturing and distribution. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure the consistent high standard of quality and reliability, required for high-end electronics manufacturing. Similarly, QTEK only work with the most reputable and dedicated representative in each territory, to ensure QTEK products receive the necessary sales support around the globe

ISO 9001